The CUB Report – 2002

Hello Family McCubbin,

A year has gone by since our flagship THE CUB REPORT was sent to you. Since then our association has amassed & entered into database, 2500 names, spouses included, dating back to the 1600’s. Marriage & Deaths starting from 1855 in Scotland were transcribed by paid researchers in Scotland, directly from the Parish registers. Births up to 1889 have been transcribed from the LDS International Genealogy Index & will eventually be confirmed from actual parish register. Marriages & Deaths pre 1855 were also taken from the IGI. Many of the names have been grouped into families. Now, we’re finding McCubbins who have ancestors not only in Scotland, but England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, & USA.

News from Australia

Penny McColm, our Australian coordinator, has been piecing together families there. Australia was a major destination for the McCubbins in the 1800’s

Penny relates, “Most families came to Australia and New Zealand in search of a better life than they could have had in Scotland. The opportunities to improve their lot were many; basically, hard work and diligence brought success to many.

By the 1850’s the Gold Rush had begun and the land was opening up with Government grants being an inducement to come and settle. Some McCubbin families settled on the land in the Northern NSW and spread further south into Victoria and Tasmania. Some operated hotels. Hotels seemed to be very much a McCubbin occupation. Many had trades, including boot-makers, bakers, mariners & gardeners, all bringing much needed expertise to the fledgling colony.

As yet we’re not sure which line came to Australia first but one of the earliest families we have found so far settled in Tasmania, in the mid 1840’s. This was JAMES McCUBBIN and his wife Elizabeth Lowry. This family then moved on to Victoria and South Australia and finally settled in the booming mining community of Broken Hill. They worked in the Silver mines and the male children followed in their fathers’ footsteps, working long days and at times in dangerous conditions. They certainly were pioneers.

There are 2 convicts that were sent here, one being THOMAS McCUBBIN, aged 48, single, born in Belfast and tried in Ayrshire for Assault on 15th April 1835. Therefore, Thomas was our first McCubbin to arrive on our shores aboard ‘The Susan’. Thomas’s indent shows he was a ‘gardener’s laborer & silk dyer’.  Thomas was not the ideal prisoner. He absconded in 1840 from his employer in Maitland and was recaptured and punished accordingly. Thomas did not marry.

JANET RIDDELL McCUBBIN arrived in Sydney aboard ‘Mary Ann’ (5) 13th December 1843.”
Janet’s tale is still unfolding, but it is known that she married a William McCubbin in Lanark and had children before she was transported. Two children we know of – John and James. Can you imagine a young mother with two small boys, one only 2 years old, being sent off on a convict ship, never to see them again! Her crime was ‘house breaking’. She was sentenced to 7 years. Her husband WILLIAM McCUBBIN, a ‘Master Mason’, likely raised the boys along with help from other members of the family who lived in the Glasgow area.
It seems Janet was somewhat of a martyr in the family back in Scotland. Janet Riddell McCubbin’s name occurs among her descendants. Janet remarried in Australia after receiving her Certificate of Freedom and has living descendants there.

News from Scotland

LYNNE McCUBBIN has done an extensive history of her McCubbins that span from Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, to New Zealand & Canada. This has been added to our database.  Lynne has also been transcribing censuses & BMD’s.

News from Canada

The book Peter McCubbin & Janet McKie Burns of Wigtownshire, Their Descendants & Ancestors, by Lorna McCubbin was completed & sent to family in Scotland, Canada, & USA who contributed their family history, photos & anecdotes. (This book is not for sale). A similar one will be done for the World McCubbin book.

Canada was not as popular a destination as Australia for emigrants. However, free land given through the Homestead Program, lured adventuresome McCubbins. One of the earliest known McCubbins in Canada was ROBERT McCUBBIN who ‘arrived from Galloway to Halifax in 1818. He later settled in Chatham Twp, Ontario in 1836.
A large McCubbin family settled in North Bay, Ontario. The west coast of British Columbia drew another few families.

United States of America

In the mid 1600’s JOHN McCUBBIN (known as John the Colonist) left Ayrshire. Apparently his father was a Covenanter. This is a large study and we appeal to John’s descendants to help in building up the American database, as well as tracing & documenting the claimed ancestry to King McAlpine.

New Zealand

We need a coordinator for New Zealand. McCubbins arrived there also – in the 1800’s. We’re in contact with some of their descendants.


Some McCubbins have contacted us from England, mainly through message boards & mailing lists. Next on the list of ‘things to do’ is send query letters to as many McCubbins in England as we can find, through phone books & other lists.


In each newsletter we hope to add bits of early lore involving the McCubbin name. We’ll also include URLs which may be helpful in your searches for other relatives.
The following is from Dumfries Jail Books & Bail Bond Registers.

Date: 21/04/1787
Name: MCCUBBIN William
Crime: Paternity Alimony
Place: Dumfries
Subject: Meditatione Fugae
Notes: William McCubbin, labourer incarcerated in the Tolbooth by warrant under the hand of John Lawson, bailie proceeding on a petition by Janet Watson that she had a female child on the 20th Dec last by McCubbin. She alleges that he has failed to meet the financial burden of the child, except for two shillings and six pence and is about to leave the country to avoid further payment. To remain in prison until caution found.
24 Apr 1787 Liberated from the Tolbooth by his incarcerator, Janet Watson.
Archive Ref: GF4/26A/35,35A&36 Dumfries & Galloway Archives

Here’s a new searchable data base of Australians in WW2: There are 45 McCubbins listed.

Queries & Help

If you have queries re your McCubbins or would like information from the McCubbin database don’t hesitate to contact me, Penny or Lynne.
Penny McColm, Penny in Australia will check her records.
Lynne McCubbin in Ayrshire, may also have your answers.
Do you have photos of your grandparents, great grandparents & other early McCubbins & would like them included in the McCubbin website? Email them or contact us at

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