1701 – 1800 Ayr


GD180 Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
Secretary’s Register
Minute Book of Ayrshire Sasines

1701 Fergus McCubin

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
Secretary’s Register
Fergus McCubine
Prorogaton by Alexander Kennedy of Glenour of a dispostion by him in trust to Fergus McCubine of Knockdolian of the lands of Glenour, Knockdaw, Polcardoch and Knockbrak.

1701 Anna & Katherine McCubbin

Minute Book of Ayrshire Sasines
GD180/382 Note of Process Logan versus Knockdolian
Anna & Katherine McCubbin
He was John Logan in Castell Manes, executor dative to the deceased Anna McCubbin, daughter of the second marriage of John McCubbin of Balhomie and spouse to Charles Logan, merchant in Ayr.John McCubbin of Balhomies testament was made at Dinimuck in Ireland on the 2 August 1690.  He left Anna and Katherine 6,000 merks each.  If  Katherine died without issue, then her share was to go to Anna.  Fergus McCubbin was named as executor.  Anna McCubbin by her testament, 29 April 1698, nominated the deceased Charles Logan as her heir and legator.  Katherine died without issue and so Anna had been her heir.  Anna had then assigned her sisters share to her husband, Charles Logan, who, in turn, had assigned it to James Logan on the 27 May 1699.

1702 Fergus & David McCubine

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/62 *Prorogation be Glenour to Knockdolian, Edinburgh, 15 December 1701
Fergus & David McCubine
This records that Alexander Kennedy of Glenour had sold Glenour Easter and Wester, half the lands of Knockdan and Polcardock and the forty shilling lands of Knockbrak to Fergus McCubine of Knockdolian on the 19th July 1701.  This was to be held in Trust by David McCubine younger so that the lands could be taxed at the same rate as those of Knockdolian and that once the taxed ward signature had been obtained by him, the lands were to return to Alexander Kennedy.  A note at the bottom records continued till Whit 1703 and made at Knockdolian 30 May 1702
*(Prorogation an extension of time)

1703 Fergus McCubin of Knockdolian

Minute Book of Ayrshire Sasines 1692-1724
Fergus McCubin of Knockdolian
November 1703 – Fergus McCubin of Knockdolian of a yearly annual rent of £168/18/- out of the Mains of Glentige, 13 miln and lands of Upper and Nether Pennylands, Closh Logane, Batrassie, Duchra, Achintibert, Belliemore and McCumstone in the parish of Colmonell.

1704 Jonet, Ann, Catherine McCubbin

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/225 Agreement between Knockdolian and Knockdone
Jonet, Ann, Catherine McCubbin
Made at Kirkmichael on the 27 April 1704 in which it is recorded that Walter Kennedy and his spouse Jonet McCubbin agreed to grant a Discharge and Renunciation to Fergus of all debts, sums of money etc which belonged to them through the decease of Ann and Catherine McCubbins, daughters of the deceased John McCubbin of Balhamie and through the decease of Jonet Ferguson, his second wife.  Fergus had agreed to pay them 6,000 merks.
Witnessed by John Montgomerie of Brigend and David Kennedy of Kirkmichael.

1707 David McCubbin younger of Knokdollion

Glasgow Commissary Court , confirmed on the 27/10/1707
David McCubbin younger of Knokdollion, parish of Colmonell
He died intestate.  Date of death omitted.  His Inventory was given by his sister, Margaret McCubbin and her husband, Robert Cathcart of Gormock, her husband, for his interest.  She had been appointed as executor dative by the court in a decreet dated 23 October 1707Inventory.
This consisted of a subscription of £37/10/- Sterling he had made to the Indian and Africa Company of Scotland*.  By this date, it had accumulated interest and so was valued at £53/12/2d Sterling or £643/6/- Scots.  It was due to be repaid by the Commissioners appointed for distributing the Equivalent, payable by England to Scotland, as a result of the Union. Total – £643/6/-
Robert Dalrymple, writer in Edinburgh stood as cautioner
* – the Darien scheme in the Isthmus of Panama

1708 Agnes Fergusia McCubbine

667/00 0010 0401 Kirkliston OPR Marriages
Agnes Fergusia McCubbine marriage to Sir George Wiseheart.
Sir George Wiseheart of Clifton Hall in this parish and Miss or M Agnes McCubbine daughter to the said Laird of Knockdolian in the parish of Commonel in Carrick gave up the names to be proclaimed in order to ? theirmarriage.Wishart of Clifton Hal
In 1703 the estate was purchased by George Wishart, son of the Rev. William Wishart, minister at Kinneil. He served with Carmichaels Regiment of Dragoon Guards, with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and in 1706 was created baronet by Queen Anne. Sir George was an elder of the Church of Kirkliston and he gave annually one boll of meal to the poor. The following is extracted from the records of the Kirk Session: 14th March, 1714. Inter Alia ordered Henry Gibb, Elizabeth Clathie and Janet Wilson, poor persons, to each of them a firlot (a quarter) of Sir George Wisharts boll (140lbs) of meal.Fergusia, eldest daughter and heiress of Sir George Wishart married George Lockhart of Carnwath (b 1700) and was mother of James Lockhart-Wishart, one of the Lords of the Bed-Chamber to the King of Hungary. He was a Count of the Holy Roman Empire, a Knight of the Order of the Empress Maria Theresa and a General of the Imperial Forces. On the death in 1761 of his eldest son, George, who was a strenuous supporter of Prince Charles Edward Stuart, he sold Clifton Hall to Thomas Gibson of Pentland, one of the clerks to the Privy Council of Scotland.

1710 Fergus McCubbin to John Adam, 1710

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/65 Double Backbond
Fergus McCubbin to John Adam, 1710
William Baird of Sallachan had obtained an *Adjudication against John Adam of Glentige on the 13 June 1700, adjudging land and others for payment of an accumulated debt of £2,955/11/- Scots owed to him by John Adam.  William Baird had then sold this Adjudication to Fergus McCubbin on the 20 August 1702.  On the 27 August, John Adam had executed a Heritable Bond in favour of Sir John Ferguson of Kilkerran, advocate, the sum of 800 merks principal with interest out of his lands of Glentige.  Fergus McCubbin had acquired right to this Bond.  In addition, Fergus McCubbin had another Bond which had been granted by John Adam for £2,815 plus interest, made at Maybole on the 27 November 1705.  John Adam had now granted Fergus McCubbin a Bond of Corroboration of the whole amount (£3,952/16/8d)
Made at Edinburgh, 3 March 1710
*(Adjudication court action in which a creditor could annex property to the value of a debt owed to him)

1710 Fergus McCubbine of Knockdolia

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/66 Disposition and Tailzie
Fergus McCubbine of Knockdolianto heirs make and *tailzie, 1710
Fergus McCubbinewas intent that Knockdolian was preserved in its entirety and that it be not distroyed or dilapidated by dispositiones and by and through the contracting and not payement of debts and the great and exorbitant provisiones of ladies and children and other occasiones q[uhi]ch hes been to frequent and fattall to se[ver]all families within this Kingdome soe that my said estate may be keeped and preserved in my surname and therby the memorie of my father and me preserved.He entailed the lands to himself, whom failing to Fergus Cathcart, second son of Robert Cathcart of Genoch and Margaret McCubbine, his eldest daughter and heirs male of his body, provided he or his heirs male take the surname of McCubbine, whom failing to (blank) Cathcart, his immediate younger brother and his heirs male,  (The eldest son of Robert Cathcart was excluded, because he would succeed to Genoch),whom failing to the second son of Sir George Wishart of Cliftonhall and Agnes McCubbine, his second daughter and heirs male, whom failing to the eldest son of Fergus Linn in Littill Larg and Katherine McCubbine, his youngest daughter and heirs male.  If there was no heir male, then heirs female could succeed, provided the heir female married a McCubbine or a man and their children taking the surname of McCubbine.
*(Tailzie Entail)

1710 Fergus McCubin of Knockdolian

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/67 Discharge and Obleigement, Sir George Wisheart to Knockdolian, 14 March
Fergus McCubin of Knockdolian
In November 1708, Fergus McCubine disponed the lands of Knockdolian to Sir George Wisheart of Cliftonhall and hereby discharges all right he had to them, witnessed by Mr Archibald Bruce, chaplain at Cliftonhall and Alexander Wilkie, gardener there. (Note: Sir George had obviously lent money to Fergus and Knockdolian had been pledged as security)

After 1713

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/69 Disposition and Assignation by Margaret and Catherine McCubbin to John Cathcart of Genoch
They had been served heir to their deceased brother, David McCubbin younger of Knockdolian.  Margaret was Lady Genoch and Catherine, wife of Fergus Lind of Little Large.  Reference is made to a Heritable Bond which had been granted by John Adam of Glentige to their brother dated 21 September 1698 in which it was recorded that he had borrowed 1600 merks Scots from David McCubbin and had agreed to infeft him in an annualrent of £64 Scots out of this thirty shilling lands of Bellmore in the parish of Ballantrae.  On the 25 April 1699, David McCubbin had sold the Bond on to William Baird in Sallochan in trust in order for William Baird to raise letters of Adjudication against John Adam and the arrangement was that after he had succeeded in this action, the Bond would be returned to David McCubbin.The sisters were served heir to their brother on the 17 January 1713.  Since then, John Cathcart has paid them the equivalent value of the Heritable Bond(not dated or signed)

1712-1714,Fergus McCubbin to dau Katherine

GD135/955 26 July 1712, 6 April 1714, 10 April 1714
Lands of Little Larg, Inch
Fergus McCubbin to dau Katherine
Extract disposition by Sir Hugh Dalrymple of Northberwick [North Berwick],Lord President of the Session, to Fergus McCubbing (McCubbin) of Knockdolean[Knockdolian] (& co. Antrim, Ireland, rel. of Houston ? )of the 3 merkland of Little Large in parish of Inch; extracts (2) of disposition by said Fergus to Katharine McCubbin, his youngest dau, and Fergus Linn [Lynn] in Little Larg, her husband, of said lands in liferent and to their children in fee, 6 April 1714, one extract giving date of registration at Wigtown as 10 April 1750,the other 10 April 1714, the latter year having the appearance of being altered [but in minute book disp. shown as being reg. in 1714 but not in 1750]; extract general retour of William, Agnes, Cath., Jean, Eliz. and Mary Lin, children of said Katharine and Fergus Linn (Lynn), as heirs of provision of deceased Fergus McCubin their grandfather under above disposition; instrument of sasine in favour of said William, Agnes, Catharine, Jean, Elizabeth and Mary of said lands following on crown charter in favour of dec’d Hugh Dalrymple, dated 26 July 1712, dispositions and retour dated 8 Jan 1753
(recorded GRS 1 March 1753). 25 Sep 1712

1716 Fergus McCubbin

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/74/1 Backbond, Genoch to Knockdolian
Fergus McCubbin
This Backbond had been made by John Cathcart of Genoch to Fergus McCubbin, his grandfather who had granted a Disposition to him on the 17 May 1715 of his lands of Knockdolian.  John Cathcart had agreed to pay Fergus McCubbins debts and also agreed to pay 6,000 merks for the lands of Balhonie and Sallachan (mentioned in the Disposition) after Ferguss death with a penalty of £1,000.  In addition, Fergus McCubbin had assigned to John Cathcart the money owing to him by John Adam of Glentige.  This Backbond replaces an earlier one which Fergus had made on the 24 May 1715.  He states that if Sir George Wishart of Cliftonhall is not satisfied with this new Backbond, then the former one would prevail and this one was to be destroyed
Made at Knockdolian, 11 December 1716 and witnessed by Mr Thomas Kennedy, minister of Ballantrae and Robert Legat, servitor to John Cathcart

1717 Margaret McCubbin, Lady Genoch

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/74/2 Assignation Knockdolian to Lady Gainach
Margaret McCubbin, Lady Genoch 
The details of the above Backbond are reiterated, but one part was to be altered.  His daughter, Margaret McCubbin, Lady Genoch has paid him some money and so he assigns the 6,000 merks Scots paid to him by John Cathcart to her.
Made at Knockdolian, 22 November 1717 and witnessed by David Scott, his gardener and Robert Ker, writer in Stranraer.

1717 Fergus McCubbin

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/74/3 Discharge Knockdolian to Genoch
Fergus McCubbin Fergus McCubbin refers to the terms of the above Backbond.  He then lists his debts:
10,000 merks to Sir George Wishart of Cliftonhall
6,000 merks to Sir Hew Dalrymple of North Berwick, Lord President of Session
800 merks to Sir John Fergusson, advocate
667 merks to William Logan of that Ilk
200 merks to Alexander Forgie, his tenant
£97 to Lady Dalquhain
John Cathcart had paid all these plus interest, so Fergus discharges that clause in the Backbond
Made at Knockdolian, 25 November 1717 and witnessed by William Houstone, tailor in Ballantrae and David Scott, his gardener

1721 Fergus McCubbin

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/78 Obligation
Fergus McCubbin resigns his liferent of Knockdolian to John Cathcart
Made at Knockdolian, 8 February 1721, witnessed by Mr Thomas Kennedy, minister of Ballantrae, Mr Robert Ferguson, minister of Colmonell and John Forgie, tenant in Corsilare.

1721 Fergus McCubbin

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/79 Revocation
Fergus McCubbin revokes his Deeds of Tailzie in favour of Fergus Cathcart, second son of the deceased Robert Cathcart of Gainoch (his grandson) and heirs.  He also revokes all other writs that would hinder John Cathcart.
Made at Knockdolian, 8 February 1721, witnessed by Mr Thomas Kennedy, minister of Ballantrae, John Forgie in Corsilayes, William McIlwraith in Litletoun and Mr Robert Ferguson, minister of Colmonell

1722/23 Fergus McCubbin

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
CC9/7/51 – Glasgow Commissary Court
Fergus McCubbin of Knockdollan, parish of Colmonell
He died in debt in May 1722.  His executor dative qua creditor appointed by the court was John Cathcart of Genoch.  Fergus McCubbin had borrowed 1,000 merks Scots from Andrew McReddie in Stranraer on the 2 March 1710 and Andrew McReddie had then assigned the bond to John Cathcart on the 3 August 1721Inventory
13 silver spoons, 2 old candlesticks, 4 old pots and a frying pan. 2 timber stoups (jugs or flagons), 2 old pistols, 28 books in a chest and 3 books lent out, An old barking tub (for tanning leather), 6 old knives and forks, a pint stoup and 3 old chamberpots, His personal effects (clothing etc), 4 cows, 2 calves and 2 stirks, 2 pairs of fine sheets, 2 more pairs of sheet, 7 pairs of other sheets, 4 pairs of old sheets, 4 old tablecloths, 11 pairs of blankets, 7 pairs of blankets, 6 pairs of old blankets, A bed, In the Laigh (lower) room, a feather bed, bolster, 2 pillows, curtains for breast and foot and a pair of sheets for lining, In the Brown Room, a feather bed and bolsters, roof lined with tartan, In the Lyned Room, a feather bed, curtains, bolster, covered with linen, in the Brown Room, a box bed, In the High Room, a bed with curtains, a bed base missing its feather bed, In the next room, 2 bedsteads with old curtains,In the little cellar, 2 old beds and 2 feather beds, 3 old bolsters with an old rug and a chaff bed, 9 leather chairs and 5 other chairs, In the Laigh Room, an old little table and a chest, In the hall, three tables and a retiring chair, An old clock, In the Brown Room, a trunk, In the High Room, 4 chairs and a table, 3 chimneys (grates), 2 old chairs in the little cellar, 2 old chairs in the cellar, A hogshead, a masking fatt (brewing vessel) and 14 barrels, 2 tubs, a sye (sieve), a small butt and a little churn, A brewing kettle, A spit, 3 pairs of tings, 2 raxes and a cruik (crook) with 4 iron bands (implements for cooking over an open fire), 6 timber dishes, A mortar, mustard pot and ball,  2 old wheels (spinning wheels), an old ambrie (cupboard), 2 chairs and 3 stools, 2 little boyns (basins) and a sowan kitt (dish in which porridge was made)
A hamper and old press, an old chest without a lid, a little barrel in the eardrop, 7 pewter plates, 23 trenchers and an old porringer
Total value – £318/10/Debts owed to the deceased:
A total of £359/10/- owed by Fergus Lin in Litlelory who had borrowed money from him at various times
Cautioner was Alexander Cochran of Craigmure

1723 GD180/74/4 Discharge Lady Gainoch to Gainoch

Papers of Cathcart Family of Genoch and Knockdolian
GD180/74/4 Discharge Lady Gainoch to Gainoch, 1723
Fergus McCubbin is now deceased.   His daughter Margaret McCubbin discharges her eldest son, John Cathcart, as he has paid her 6,600 merks
Made at Gainoch, 3 July 1723, witnessed by John Cathcart, servitor to John Cathcart of Gainoch and Robert Ker, writer in Stranraer.


Source: History of the County of Ayr, by James Paterson GRAHAMS AND M’CUBBINS OF KNOCKDOLIAN. The barony of Knockdolian which consisted of the twenty pound land of Knockdolian, in the parish of Colmonell, the forty shilling land of Auchinsoull, in the pariah of Ballantrae, and the four merk land of Little Shallochane, in Kirkcudbright Innertig was acquired, towards the close of the fifteenth century, by a family of the name of Grahame. They were perhaps a branch of the house of Menteith, descended from Sir John Graham of Kilbride, called Sir John with the bright sword. He had a charter of the lands of Kilbride, in Strathem, from his father, Malice, Earl of Menteith, 7th April, 1464. He was the ancestor of the Grahams on both sides of the border.

The first whom we find of Knockdolian was Robert Graham, who, in 1525, was concerned, as an ally of the Earl of Cassillis, in the slaughter of Kennedy of Lochland.* In 1554, Robert Graham of Knockdolian was on the assize at the trial of George Craufurd of Lefnorris, for intercommuning with Duncan Hunter of Ballagane, who was then at the horn. In 1584, Robert Grahame of Knockdolian was one of the assize on the trial of David Home of Argatie, for intercommuning with the Earl of Mar and other traitors. He, next year, officiated in a similar capacity on the trial of “Malcolme Dowglas of Mains,” for being concerned in the Raid of Ruthven. The Lairds of Knockdolian seem to have been persons of considerable importance, both locally and politically.

In 1628, Robert Grahame of Auchinbowie was retoured heir to his father, Robert Grahame of Knockdolian, in the “20 pund land” of Knockdolian, the other portions of the estate having apparently been parted with previously. Soon after this the property passed into the hands of the Kirkmichael family. Thomas Kennedy of Kirkmichacl, heir of his father David, was retoured in the lands of Knockdolian, in 1653. When Abercrombie wrote his description of Carrick, the house of Knockdolian was “the seat of the M’Kubbens,” the successors of the Kennedies of Kirkmichael.

“Fergusius M’Cubein, filius Fergusii M’Cubein de Knockdolliane, haeres masculus Fergusii M’Cubein junioris de Knockdollian, filii fratris,” was retoured, August 29,1677, in ” 20 libratis terrarum de Knockdoliane cum piscatione in aqua de Stincher, in parochia de Colmonell et balliatu de Carrick; 40 solidatis terrarum de Auchinsoull, in parochia de Ballentray; 4 mercatis terrarum de Little Shallochane, in parochia do Kirkcudbright Innertig, et balliatu de Carrick praedicto; unitis in baroniam de Knockdolliane.”*(Ayrshire Rctours). According to Abercrombie, the M’Cubbins had greatly improved the lands round Knockdolian. The floitxe of Knockdolian, the remains of which stand on the east, at the foot of Knockdolian Hill, when Abercrombie wrote shortly before the Revolution was the seat of the M’Cubbin. Here, he says, ” is shown what art and industrie can do, to render a place, to which nature hath not been favourable, very pleasant, by planting of gardens, orchards, walks, and rows of trees, that surprise the beholder with things so far beyond expectation, in a countrey so wild and mountainous”. Such was Knockdolian House at the close of the seventeenth century.

Fergus M’Cubbin, who was alive in 1712, had a daughter, Margaret, from whom are descended the CATHCARTS OF KNOCKDOLIAN, who, as well as the Cathcarts of Genoch, are a branch of the Garleton family.

I. James Cathcaht of Barneill, second son of John Cathcart of Carleton, and grandson of Robert Cathcart of Killochan, was married to Margaret Cathcart. He obtained a charter of the lands of Easter Barneill M’Lune from King James, in 1601, and purchased the estate of Genoch, in Wigtonshire, about 1618. He died about 1637, leaving two sons.

1. John, who succeeded him.*
2. Robert, married to Elizabeth Kennedy.
II. John,* his eldest son, was married on 8th February, 1632, to Rosiua, daughter of Sir Peter Agnew of Lochnaw, Bart., by whom he had issue
1. William, who succeeded him.
2. Robert, married, on 1st July, 1690, to Margaret, daughter of Fergus M’Cubbin of Knockdolian.
HI. William, the eldest son, married, on 29th December, , Janet, eldest daughter of Quentin Kennedy of Drummellan, by whom there was one only child, Agnes, who married the Rev. William Wilson, minister of Inch; and in 1698, with consent of her husband, disponed the estate of Genoch to her uncle, Robert, who had married the heiress of Knockdolian.
P7. Robert Cathcart of Genoch, and his wife, Margaret M’Cubbin of Knockdolian, had issue
1. John, who succeeded about 1737.
2. Fergus, said to have gone to America, 3. Jean, who died unmarried.

The Cathcarts acquired Genoch in 1618 and a century later they added Knockdolian, through the marriage between the Laird of Genoch and the eldest daughter of McCubbin of Knockdolian.

Brunstoun and area

Living Brunstoun descendants have matching DNA to Knockdolian descendants.

1719 Thomas McCubbin in Knockrochar, parish of Daylie

Dailly Testaments:
Glasgow Commissary Court (CC9/7/51), confirmed 4/8/1719
Thomas McCubbin in Knockrochar, parish of Daylie
He died intestate in April 1718.  His Inventory was given up by his sons, David, Thomas, John and Richard McCubbins and by John McCandleish in Brunstoun, their uncle as their administrator, appointed by the court on the 14 March 1719.


18 head of cattle, young and old
An old mare, a staig (stallion) and a horse
80 sheep
24 bolls of corn, Barley and peas
£8 Sterling in money
Total – £635/6/8d
James McKibben in Brunstoun stood as cautioner.

1736 David McCubbin in Brunstoun, parish of Daylie

Glasgow Commissary Court (CC9/7/55), confirmed 7/12/1736
David McCubbin in Brunstoun, parish of Daylie
He died intestate in November 1736.  His Inventory was given up by his brothers, Thomas McCubbin in Dalwhirran and John McCubbin in Brunstoun, appointed by the court as his executors


He was owed money in Bills by:
Alexr Martin in Dalwhairn – £10/10/- Sterling
Quintin Dick of Auchlising – £105 Scots
Total – £130 Scots
John McClandlish in Brunstoun stood as cautioner

Researched and compiled by Diane Baptie, Researcher in Archives, Edinburgh, and Lorna McCubbin, McCubbin Family History Association.

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