Family Groups

Introduction to the Descendancy Charts

There are two sets of descendancy charts; one contains those which have been grouped together through DNA results, the other without.

Since 2000 we have built close to one hundred charts each representing a branch of McCubbins. As we progressed, each one was given a chart number and bit by bit we were able to link many together. In 2007, we joined the Family Tree DNA project. It was the great catalyst which helped us discover four distinct, genetically unrelated DNA groups. They are listed as thus: i.e, #04-DNA-1. For example, where #04 is the family group, headed by James McCubbin and Isabella Stoddart of Annan, Dumfriesshire, their DNA group is number 1.

Living McCubbin males who have been tested for DNA now fit into either group 1, 2, 3 or 4. Occasionally there is a ‘no match’ when they do not fit into a specific group. If your family is not included in the DNA set, and you find them in the set that has not yet located a DNA donor, you may be interested in finding within your family, a male McCubbin DNA donor – a brother, father, grandfather, cousin or uncle. The YDNA chromosome is passed on only from father to son. Find out more at FTDNA.  We will be very happy to guide anyone interested through this process.

For privacy reasons we have restricted the charts to earlier generations. All individuals have been documented from sources such as birth, marriage, death, census records, will, sasines, family Bibles and immediate living family members. We began in the present day and worked back in time. Documented narrative charts are available for immediate family members.

If you see errors or corrections or would like to add further data, such as pictures to your family, please do contact us at It has been through the interest and support of McCubbins world-wide that our project has been able to progress thus far, and we very much look forward to building links with other McCubbins in the future, wherever you are. Following our correspondence, and your agreement, we will add all new data to the website at the end of October each calendar year.

In the meantime please help us in continuing our search for donors. Note that a donor may remain as anonymous as he would like to be. We hope you enjoy the stories of our McCubbins – a diverse and fascinating lot. The charts on this site are shortened versions of the documented sources. We provide complete charts to individuals of a specific family tree, after we confirm which family you are descended from. Contact us at  Click on the toggle headings below to open or close the lists.

DNA Family Groups

More Family Groups (requiring further research and/or DNA Donors to help match family trees).

Charts are available for family members.
#01 Peter McCubbin & Janet Campbell,  Kirkcolm & Portpatrick
#07 James W McCubbin & Elisabeth Lowery, Tasmania
#11 William McCubbin & Janet Ridell, Lanark to Australia #22 Robert McCubbin & Elizabeth Lochiel, Kilmarnock, Ayr
#23 Richard McCubbin, born Ireland, & Helen McCubbin
#24 Alexander McCubbin & Eliz Kennedy, Ayr
#25 William McCubbin & Margaret Shennan, Kirkcolm
#26 Alexander McCubbin & Margaret Milroy, Irongray
#27 Father of Patrick & Adame McCubene, Ayr
#29 Alexander McCubbin & Janet Shennan, Kirkinner & Stranraer
#30 John McCubbin & Margaret Moffat Craig, Dumfries to Leswalt
#32 John & Eliz Smith, Dunscore, Kirkmahoe,
#33 James McCubbin of Glenfoot, Dunscore
#34 John McCubbin & Jane McTurk, Glencairn
#37 John McCubbin & Hannah Home, Ayr
#39 James McCubbin, & Mary Fleming, Ayr
#47 Robert McCubbin & Martha Pettigrew, Kirkcowan
#50 William McCubbin & Margaret Stroyan, Kirkcowan
#53 William McCubbin & Jean Kirkpatrick, Annan to Liverpool
#56 Andrew McCubbin & Isabella Maclean, Leswalt
#57 John McCubbin & Agnes McTeir, Mochrum
#58 John McCubbin & Elizabeth McIntyre, Maybole
#60 Thomas McCubbin & Mary Blair, Ayrshire
#63 Henry McCubbin & Grizal Dumbar, Maybole
#64 David McCubbin & Jean Kerr, Dailly
#65 David McCubbin & Elizabeth Galloway, Dailly
#66 Donald McCubbin & Mary Ballantine, Kirkoswald
#67 Joseph McCubbin & Margaret Martin, Ireland to Ayr
#70 John McCubbin & Sarah Sibson, Cumberland, ENG
#72 James McCubyne & Bessie Rutherford, Jedburgh
#73 Henry McCubbin & Agnes McKergor, Dailly & Kirkoswald
#74 Andrew McCubbin & Emma__, Leamington, ENG
#75 Alexander McCubbin & Sophia__, Middlesex, ENG
#77 Donald McCubbin & Janet Wilson, Kirkoswald
#78 David McCubbin & Cecilia Robertson, Fife
#79 Charles McCubbin & Agnes Pollock, Maybole
#82 David McCubbin of Inch
#83 James McCubbin & Ann Morley, Carlisle, ENG
#85 James McCubbin & Jane Robson, Ireland to Ayr
#89 James Makcubene & Mary Haddoway, Edinburgh
#90 James McCubbin & Margaret Thompsone, Jedburgh
#91 Robert McCubbin & Jean Freschie, McCubbington
#93 James McCubbin & Elizabeth Aitken, Girvan
#94 James McCubbin & Margaret Dick, Dalmellington
#95 James McCubbin & Mary Ann Steel, ENG
#99 John McCubbin & Isobelle McGhie, Kells

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