#100B Cumnock

#100B John MakCumbyne of Cumnock, Ayr and his descendants

The Homeplace – Cumnock and environs


Ayrshire Directory – 1837 – by Pigot & Co (compliments of Ayrshireroots.co.uk)
Cumnock (or Old Cumnock) is a considerable village of thoroughfare; 60 miles sw of Edinburgh, 16 e of Ayr, and the like distance sse of Kilmarnock; situate on a line of road between Dumfries on the south-east and Glasgow on the north, 44 from the former town and 38 from the latter. The village, which is of an irregular triangular form, in seated in a deep sheltered hollow, at the confluence of the Glianock and Logan waters. . The principal part of the town occupies the site of what was formerly the church-yard; the present cemetary was, at one period, the place of execution, and contains the remains of three persons who were shot on the spot, in 1685, by a party of Highlanders, for their abherence to the covenanted work of reformation; and the corpse of Peden, a martyr of the covenanting body, who died in the parish of Sorn, was exhumed, by a party of dragoons, after being interred six weeks, and ignominiously buried at the gallows foot.

Auchinleck (pronounced Affleck) signifying a field of rock, is a respectable village in the parish of its name, 1¼ mile from Cumnock, three from Sorn, and the like distance from Catrine. The parish, which is 18 miles in length, by only about two in breadth, is watered on its northern extremity by the Ayr, and by the Lugar on the south. Coal and limestone are produced here, but the soil is for the most part mossy and unproductive. The ruins of Auchinleck castle stand in an angle formed by the Dopal burn and the Lugar; and in the neighbourhood is the Place of Auchinleck. a handsome mansion, erected in the last centuary by Lord Auchinleck, the house is still the property of the Boswell family.

There has long been controversy as to where John the Colonist of America originated. Family trees in America record him as ‘coming from Ayr’, that he was the son of a lord, even a knight. Auchinleck was often mentioned.

Auchinleck Castle Tuins

As to the Auchinleck connection, there is mention in early records is of John Makcumbyne being witness to a sasine of an Auchinleck property in 1502. It is clear the McCubbins of this area were of some influence and among the few persons who owned property. We found a mention of Sir Finlay M’Cubyn, but nothing further. There is a strong possibility that the McCubbins of this family are linked with the McCubbins of Tradunnock and Knockdolian. Reference is made to Fergus of Tradunnock and his brother, John of Bar in some of the following generations in this chart and two other McCubbins moved further west to Ayr to become Burgesses there.
They would also link in with those McCubbins of DNA Group 2 if we identify to which family John the Colonist of America belongs.
For this search, I acquired the services of a professional researcher, Diane Baptie, in Edinburgh to search the early McCubbin name, i.e. wills, sasines, deeds, etc. Diane transcribed all wills, usually in Latin or Old Scots. Lately many archives have been sharing their holdings, such as the Register of Great Seal of Scotland, Protocol Book of Gavin Ros., Statistical Accounts of Scotland, etc., which has helped find more McCubbins.
As there were so few Scots who owned property, and also who made wills, I’ve been able to link families through wills. Early generations of the Cumnock McCubbins in the family charts have been linked through ‘high probability’ using wills and sasines (land acquistions).

#100B John Makcumbyne of Cumnock, Ayr, Descendancy Narrative
High probability of link with #100 Knockdolian.

I. John MAKCUMBYNE OF CUMNOCK, AYR, #100B was recorded in 1502 at Auchinleck, Cumnock, Ayr
“Registrum magni sigilli regum Scotorum :The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland, A.D. 1306-1668, Vol 2”
Abstact from Latin
Apud Edinburgh,
These are the charters of the barony of Auchinlek, and the precept and instrument of sasine following thereupon, in favour of WU. Cunjnighame of Craganis and Marion Auchinlek his spouse, already printed in the note to 288 mpra. Tlie precept of sasine (2632) is addressed to Wil . Craufurd, Jas. Douglas, Joh. Cunynghame and Tho. Smythe, and witnessed by Edmund Hert, Joh. Glen, Joh. M’Cubbe and Alex. Hunter. The instrument of sasine (2633) runs in the name of John Cunynghame, son of umcjuhUe [umquihile meaning former or deceased]. Arch.C. of Waltei-stoun, and bailiff of Sir Joh. Auchinlek of that Uk, knight ; and is witnessed by Tho. Merschall, Edw. Hert, Tho. Smyth, Joh. Glen and John Makcumbyne. A.P. 1502.”

N.B. The McCubbin surname is scribed in a variety of ways, sometimes in the same document. Often the document is difficult to read or has been transcribed or scribed as it sounds. The name for each individual has not been changed from the original document.

A. Robert M’CUBYN OF CUMNOCK, AYR was recorded in1527 at Cumnock
Protocol Book of Gavin Ros. Scottish Record Society
“781. Instrument narrating that Andrew Hog of Barschar gave sasine of 5 acres of arable land … of meadow, with hay growing thereon, and pasture of two . . . pasturing in the messuage of Barschar, to Robert M’Cubyn, according to a charter thereupon. Done on the ground of the lands of Barschar 23 November 1527. Witnesses, Mr. * Thomas Craufurd, vicar of Cumnok, and Mr. John Eglinton, chaplain.”

1529 at Cumnock
Robert M’Cubyn
Protocol Book of Gavin Ros. 1529 Scottish Record Society
“1029 Instrument narrating that Robert M’Cubyn freely resigned five acres of arable land and one acre of meadow in the hands of Andrew Hog of Barschar as in the hands of his over lord, with charter and sasine for ever. At the church of Cumnok same date as preceding. Witnesses, Mr. Thomas Campbell, rector of Cumnok, George Makgathan of Barlanathane, John Campbell of
Schankistoun and Sir William Hum.”

Cumnock,1531, The Protocol Book of Gavin Ros, Scottish Record Society
Included in the following list of voters were two other McCubbins – Sir Fynlaw (Finlay) M’Cubyn and Patrick M’Cubyn. It is not know what relationship Sir M’Cubyn had with the other two. However, there is not much doubt that he was related in some way. Patrick would have been the son of John.
Protocol Book of Gavin Ross
There were over 125 names in the following long list – only a few have been entered here (Black and Broun surnames are included because of the possible McCubbin association)

1147. Instrument narrating that George Craufurd of Laffinoris, John Campble of Schankistoun, Andrew Campble of Skeringtoun, Patrick Logan of that Ilk, George Hamiltoun of Bordland, Alexander Logan, (of or in) Flat, Andrew Logan in Auchingibbert, Patrick Broun, Hugh Craufurd of Horscleuch, John Craufurd of Dikes, … in Hill, . . Gilbert Craufurd, John Slane in Ward, Andrew Blak, Hugh Campbell, Thomas Ross, John Broun, Colin Campbell, Donald Wilson, John Walker in Gilt, John Hamilton, William Wilson, Ronald Hog, George Hog, John Auchincross, Jonet Auchinlek, Andrew Logan, Allan Symer, John Hog, John Herd, . . .[likely John] M’Cubyn, Juliana BlakPatrick M’Cubyn, Cuthbert . . ., Rankyn Vauss, Patrick Blak. Parishioners of Cumnok, have chosen Sir Thomas Craufurd of Cumnok in and to the said office of clerkship, which had fallen, as they asserted, into their hands by decease of the late John Campbell, last parish clerk and possessor of the same, and they have given freely their votes and choice to him. Then George Craufurd of Laffinoris, George Hamiltoun of Bordland and John Campble of Schankistoun, as principal parishioners, in name of the other parishioners, patrons, as they asserted, of said office, inducted the said Sir Thomas Craufurd, clerk, so elected into possession of the office by delivery of stoup, keys of the church and phial as the manner is. These things were done in the church as to the possession and as to other things at the church and other places of said parish. . . . April 1531.
Witnesses, George Rede in Daldilling, Andrew … in Braehead, Andrew Blak of Tempilland, William Rede, Sir William Hume and Sir Fynlaw M’Cubyn, chaplains, 141a.

Sir Finlay M’Cubyn
1146. Instrument apparently to the effect that (George Campble), son of the late John (Campble), resigned and entirely demitted the elections of the office of clerkship (of Cumnok, see above), in the hands of George Craufurd of (Laffinoris), transferring the votes falling (to him?) to the person of Sir Thomas Craufurd, present and accepting. These things were done at the church (of Cumnok) April 1531.
Blak,Walter Rede and Sir Finlay M’Cubyn and Andrew Craufurd, 141a.

The Protocol Book of Gavin Ros, Scottish Record Society
1336. William Mure produced letters of tack of the lands of Portmark, before the judges chosen between him and Bartholomew Craufurd of Kerse, and asked the judge to proceed in said cause.
Witnesses as before.
John M’Cubyn and John Craufurd of Drongan, judges, &c. 25 July
1532, 201a.
Drongan – as recorded by the East Ayshire Council (on-line source)
“Drongan, a former mining village, is situated on the western edge of Ayrshire, some 6 miles from Ayr and 10 miles from Cumnock. The earliest references to Drongan lands are to be found in documents dating to the 14th Century. In the 1390’s these lands were granted to the Craufurds whose stronghold for 250 years was Drongan Castle. The remains of the Castle can be seen on Drongan Mains Farm. The estate passed from the Craufurds to the Cunninghames, then to the Earls of Stair.”

Scottish Record Office
Registrum Magni Sigilli Regum Scotorum xxvi 242 (The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland)
5 January 1539
The king [James V] confirmed a charter of Alexander Dunbar of Cumnock, – by which for a sum of money paid to him, he sold to William Uddart burgess of Edinburgh, and to Katherine Fischear his spouse, – £3 worth of the lands of Poquhois of ancient extent (farmed/or leased?) by John Makcubyn, Patrick Makeaw, John Makcreith, John Fergussone, William Campbell, John Portar, William Hammyltoun and..Makknacht), in the barony of Cumnock, Sheriffdom of Ayr: – To hold to the said William and Katherine, etc

a) Patrick MCCUBEINE of BRIDGEND, CUMNOCK married Jonet HARBERT. Indexed as Patrick MCCUBBIN. He died on 10 Mar 1591 in Bridgend, Cumnock; as recorded on his Will. He was recorded in 1605 in the Glasgow Commissary Court, CC9/7/4

Cumnock-Ayr Road

Patrik McCubeine at Brigend of Cumnok, recorded 16 October 1605.
He died testate, having made his will at his dwelling house on the 10 March 1591 in which he appointed his wife, Jonet Harbert and his son, Robert McCubene (sic) as his executors, with the Lairds of Shankistoun elder and younger as oversmen.

2 cows with their followers ñ 320
One three year old stot – £3
Two three year old quoys – £6
13 ewes – £17/6/8d
9 hogs, each valued at 16/-, total value not filled in
12 bolls of grey muirland oats – £34
4 bolls grey muirland barley – £16
Contents of hose etc – £10
Total – £106/10/8d
No debts owing to him
Debts were owed by him to:
Patrik Steffane ñ 52 merks
Williame Gemmill, notary ñ 17 merks
Johnne Baird in Loichsyde ñ 27 merks
Katheren Hodge ñ 26/8d
Robert Alexr in Barfute ñ 40/Total
– £101/7/4d
Free gear – £5/3/4d
To be divided in three parts
Deceasedís part ñ 34/

He left all to his children (unnamed).
Witnesses were Johnne Campbell of Shankistoune, George Campbell. his son and apparent heir, Charles Campbell of Horscleuch, Thomas Leitch, Johnne Poirter, Robert Lokhart in Cumnok and Andro Crychtoun in Kairne William Gemmill in Cumnok stood as cautioner in 1605.

(1) Robert MCCUBBENE OF CUMNOCK, AYR was recorded in;
The Entries in the Particular Register for Ayrshire
RS12/4/1 f. 652 ñ recorded 8 December 1630 (in Latin)
John Campbell of Schankistoun, superior granted a precept of sasine in favour of Patrik McCubbene, burgess of Ayr in order for him to be infeft in a tenement of land and two other small pieces commonly called Brigend which were part of the Mains of Schankistoun in the parish of Cumnock
Witnesses were Thomas Campbell of Dalhannay, James Mure, servitor to John Campbell of Schankistoun, William McCubbene in Schankistoun and Robert McCubbene, elder, in Cumnock. Indexed as Father of Patrick & Adam MCCUBBIN #27. He died before 1637; all info acquired from testament of Patrick McCubene, merchant burgess of Ayr, 1637. Wills & Testaments Glasgow Commissary Court CC9/7/27.

(a) Patrick MCCUBENE Merchant Burgess of Ayr married Marion FULLERTON. Indexed as Patrick MCCUBBIN. He died in May 1637 in Ayr, Ayr; was recorded in Glasgow Comissary Court, 29 July 1637.
He died testate in May 1637
He has 12 hogsheads and a barrel of tallow.
The contents of his house etc was valued at £266/13/4d
2 tuns of wine ñ 520 merks
Total £1,413/6/8d
Debts owed to him by:
Mr John Reid of Pennyland in a bond – £73
More by him for wine for the kirk – £10
Hew Blair of Blairtoun for wine and other furnishings for his house – £6/13/4d
William Gray in his ticket – £76
John McNeill in his ticket – £10
Robert Hunter, officer in Mon…* in a bond – £12
William Gemmill in Templelands ñ in a bond – £40
Nicoll Mirrie of borrowed silver ñ 20/John
Osburne, provost of Ayr and Hew Kennedy bailie there, spent by them with Robert Levingston,
servitor to the Earl of Eglinton – £3/4/
More spent by them with James Finlay in Glasgow ñ 25/
More spent by them with the minister before he went to Edinburgh ñ 13/John
Crawfurd of Cambler – £6/11/
Margaret McCubene ñ 6 dollars at £16/16/-
Mr Gilbert Ross, minister – £25/4/Alan
Sempill, flesher – £14
George Logan, merchant burgess of Ayr for woll – £20
Mr Andrew Dalrymple, notary in Mauchline for wine for the kirk – £32
James Blair, son to the Laird of Adamstoun – £8/7/-
Mr John Shaw, minister at Auchinleck – £10
The Laird of Corsbie for wine – £5/5/-
Harie Stewart of Barskyming in a bond – £34
Robert Gordon, bailie in a bond ñ 500mekrs
Jean Lockhart, relict of Adam Ritchie – £14
Total – £753/14/Inventory
plus debts – £2,167/-/8d
Debts owing by him to:
Martin Leitch ñ 1,000 merks
John McCubene, son to the deceased Adam McCubene – £33/6/8d
Sarah McCubene, daughter to the deceased Robert McCubene – £26/13/4d
George Angus for wine ñ 520 merks and to him as part of his ëtocher gudí (dowry) ñ 280 merks
William McCubene, his son, for his board and furniture in France – £72
Rent for his house to Jonet Kennedy, widow – £10
To servants, Agnes Suttar, Margaret Murchie and Bessie Murdoch (£8, 40/-, £10 respectively)
Jon Mc Cletche, merchant burgess of Ayr ñ 6/Total
– £1,374/6/Free
gear – £792/13/8d
To be divided in three parts
Deceasedís part – £264/4/10d
Quot – £6/8/Legacy
Made at Ayr on the 18 May 1637.
He appointed his children, Alexander, Jonet and Marion to be his executors and George Angus, his son-in-law to be their tutor (they were therefore underage). If this failed, then he appointed Robert Gordon, bailie of Ayr in his stead. He also appointed overseers to his children ñ the said Robert Gordon, Martin Leitch, one of the keepers of His Majesties wardrobe, Fergus McCubene of Tradunnock, Alexander Purveyance, notary and William Kelso, merchant burgess of Ayr
He left a furnished feather bed to his eldest daughter, Jonet
100 merks to his second daughter, [Marion]
20 merks to the poor
The residue, after his debts had been paid and his wife had received her third was to be divided among the three children. His wife Marion Fullarton was to look after them during her widowhood and use the interest on their shares of his estate for their maintenance.
Witnessed by Donald Smith, deacon of the Guild of Ayr, John McCletchie, merchant and Clement Edgar, notary.
Children of Patrick were: i) Alexander MCCUBENE ii) Jonet MCCUBENE. iii) Marion MCCUBENE. iv) William MCCUBENE BURGESS OF AYR. He was recorded in his father Patrick’s will, as owing a debt to his father:
“William McCubene, his son, for his board and furniture in France – £72k”
William was Burgess of Ayr when he was noted in the following documents:
The Particular Register for Ayrshire
RS12/7/2 f.396 ñ recorded 4 October 1641 (in Old Scots, ink very faded)
This records that John Campbell of Schankistoun had redeemed his property of Brigend by paying William McCubbine burgess of Ayr 380 merks Scots on the 20 October 1641. The property had originally been granted to Williamís father, Patrick McCubine, burgess of Ayr (see above)
Witnesses were John Dunbar of Knokphinoch, Charles Campbell, son to John Campbell, sometime in Newmilne, John Stille in Gairden, John McCubbine in Bar and Patrick Crawfurde, notary

The Clan Campbell, Abstracts of Entries
October 20, 1641
William McCubbin, Burgess of Ayr
Instrument of Renunciation by William McCubbin, burgess of Ayr, in favour of John Campbell of Skankston of the piece of the lands of Shankston called Bridgend, which was wadset by him to the deceased Patrick McCubbin, the renouncerís father, for 380 merks, and which has now been repaid.
Dated at Garden October 20, 1641, and witnessed by John Dunbar of Knockshinnoch, Charles Campbell son to John Campbell, sometime in Newmilns, John Stillie in Garden, John McCubbin in Barr* and Patrick Crawford, notary in Cumnock.
[Campbell, Sir Duncan: The Clan Campbell, Abstracts of Entries relating to Campbells in the Early Unprinted Records relating to Ayrshire 1515-1650, Vol. V, p. 109] From Old and New Cumnock, Ayrshire in 1637.
John McCubbin in Barr* is of the Tradunnock/Knockdolian family

Cumnock, Ayr

The Particular Register for Ayrshire
RS12/7/1 f.6 ñ recorded 1 February 1637
Sasine to John Campbell, merchant burgess of Edinburgh by Robert McCubine, eldest son of the deceased Robert McCubine in Cumnock of the tenement in Cumnock with houses and two kiln steads thereon
Witnesses George Reid in Cumnock, Patrick Laing, officer there and John Tennant and Richard Gillespie there.
(c) Adam MCCUBENE Officer of Burgh of Ayr married Margaret MUIR; Margaret recorded as his spouse on testament 1634. Indexed as Adame MCCUBEIN; as recorded in Glasgow Commissary Court 1634.
He was recorded in Publications, Volume 12 By Ayrshire and Galloway
Archaeological Association, Ayr and Wigton Archaeological Association
Sasine, on Crown Precept, in favour of the Burgh of Ayr.ó[15th October 1621.]
Abstract. 34
Instrument of Sasine following on the Precept, No. 33, supra, which is therein engrossed, and in terms thereof. The sasine was delivered by the said John Lokhart of Bar, as sheriff in that part, to Adam Richie, provost, William Cuninghame and John Stewart, bailies, Donald Smyth, dean of guild, and James Makadam, treasurer, of the burgh of Ayr, at the market cross thereof, at ten o’clock in the morning of the 15th of October 1621: Before these witnesses, William Cuninghame, younger of Polquharne, John Love in Newton, William Young there, John Steneston there, Robert Reid, messenger, John Makcra, messenger, John Birnie, son of the late Mr. William Birnie, minister at Ayr, Alan Cuninghame, fuller, James Logan and James Watson, officers of the burgh, George Kessane, merchant there, Adam Makcuben, servitor of the said provost, Alexander Crechton, indweller in Edinburgh, and others in 1621. He died in Oct 1633 in Burgh of Air;

Glasgow Commissary Court, CC9/7/26
Adame McCubein,one of the ordinary officers if the burgh of Air and Margaret Muir, his spouse, recorded 14 April 1634
They died intestate, He died in October 1633 and she died in February 1634. Given up by Patrik
McCubein, burgess and brother of Adame on behalf of Johnne McCubein, their son, appointed as executor by the court in a decreet dated 20 March 1634
The contents of their house etc – £33/6/8d
Debts were owed to them by:
William Fullertoune in Corsbie and his son, Adame Fullertoune in a bond – £73/6/8d
James Muir, merchant burgess of Air in a bond – £73/6/8d
Charles Cathcart, merchant burgess of Air in a bond – £80
Patrik Neill in Vennel of Prestick in a bond – £20
Johnne Hay in Prestick – £20
Agnes Busbie spouse to (blank) for rent – £8
Total – £274/13/4d
Inventory plus debts – £308
Debts were owed by them to:
Adame Richie merchant for house rent – £20
Free gear – £288
Tow deceasedís part – £192
Quot ñ blank
James Chalmers, notary in Air stood as cautioner.


(d) John MCCUBENE. Indexed as MCCUBBIN. He was recorded in an exchange of land:
in the Particular Register of Sasines for Ayr
RS12/2 f. 307 ñ recorded 10 February 1619 (in Latin)
Sir William Cunninghame of Caprington, with consent of Mr James Cunninghame, rector of Cumnock executed a precept of sasine in favour of John McCubbine, son to Robert McCubbine in Cumnock ordering John McCubbine to be infeft in a tenement of land with a ruinous house and outbuildings on it and in the village of Cumnock. Giving of sasine took place on the 5 November 1618 and was witnessed by Andrew Crawfurde of Pollosch, William Campbell in Polquharbar?, George Crawfurde, his servitor and William Gemill and Robert Lokhart, notaries
Giving of sasine was witnessed by William Skilling, elder, in Cumnock, Andrew Gemill, merchant there and John Hodge also there in 1619.

(e) Sarah MCCUBENE. Indexed as MCCUBBIN. She was born before 1637; recorded on her father’s will.

Cumnock Old Cemetery, Photo by Baxter

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