Have you ever met a McCUBBIN who looks a lot like you, but isn’t one of your family? Do you ever wonder if you are related to a McCUBBING, McCUBBINE, MacCUBBIN, McCUBBINS, or even a McKIBBEN? Where did your McCubbin family originate – Scotland? Ireland? What’s the evolution of the McCubbin surname? Did you know that DNA testing can help find the answers to your questions?

What is DNA?
DNA is in the genes, which are in the chromosomes, which are in the cells, which are in the person. A small portion of DNA is carried on the Y Chromosome, which is passed almost unchanged from father to son through the generations. A DNA test has been developed to analyze this Chromosome. It is painless, quick, and the result contains no personal information. A test kit is sent to you in the mail. You swab the inside of your cheek and return it to the test lab. Each participant receives their own ‘customer code’ and each sample kit is coded so that, by logging onto a secure webpage set up for each Surname Project, participants can check the progress of their sample. All males sharing a common ancestor along the male lines should have the same DNA on the markers that are tested in this project. When we have enough results, a man in Australia might find that he has an exact match to a male in America. That male may be a direct descendant of ‘John the Colonist’ who arrived in Maryland in the mid 1600s. That line, in America, is a well documented tree. The Australian male now gains an extended family line he never knew existed.

DNA testing is an especially helpful tool when we have a One Name Study such as ours where we have hundreds of names sorted into family groups. We hope to better understand our McCUBBIN kinship, family lines, ethnic origins, migrations, and even Scottish clan affiliations. In essence, this DNA project endeavors to answer two questions every genealogist has: Who are we and where did we come from? We can use DNA testing in our genealogical quest to help answer these questions. The test result contains no personal information, and you will match those to whom you are related. We have chosen Family Tree DNA as the lab to secure our records. Our name McCUBBIN, and variants are now registered with FTDNA. They have a very informative website where you can order your test at: Family Tree DNA

Special prices are given to members of the Guild of One Name Studies. If you are a male with the McCubbin surname you are automatically a member.

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