Early McCubbins

The McCubbin name & variations

14th – 17th centuries

  • 1376 – Martin M’Cubyn or McCubyne was a tenant in the mill of Dalfubill
  • 1398 – Brice Macobyn, Scottish merchant, had a safe conduct to exercise his trade in England
  • 1404 – John Makcubeyn was in the ten shilling land of Trudonag
  • 1499 – John M’Cubbe & John Makcumbyne were witnesses at Craganis to sasine
  • 1526 – Fergus Makcubyn & John Makcubyn his son, followers of the earl of Cassilis, were respited for murder
  • 1539 – John Makcubyn was in the barony of Cumnock
  • 1567 – John Makcubyng had a booth in Dumfries
  • 1583 – Land occupied by Thomas M’Cubene & Agnes Dunlop, in the parish of Kirkoswald, Ayr
  • 1583 – Demised at fee-farm to Robert M’Cubene, 6s 3d worth of the lands of M’Cubenstoun of old extent (occupied by Robert & his sisters) in the parish of Dunscoir, sherrifdome of Dumfries
  • 1613 – William McCuben in Ardlachie was fined for reset of Clan Gregor
  • 1631 – Fergus McAbin of Knockdolian contributed to repairs of St Andrews University
  • 1669 – Anne McUbein was spouse to Mr. Antony Shaw, minister at Commonell
  • 1677 – Fergus McCubein was retoured heir of Fergus M’Cubein of Knockdolian (A on map)
  • 1679- David MacCubbin, of Dalry, drowned at sea while being transported as a prisoner, on the Crown of London. He was one of 209 Covenanters on board
  • 1685 – Alexander MacUbine in Irongray was hanged for being a Covenanter
  • 1693 – James M’Cubyne was provost of Jedburgh

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