The CUB Report

CUB Report

Introduction to the CUB Report

The CUB REPORT is a way for us to keep in touch with the McCubbins of the world.  It gives our readers a platform to submit queries when they’re searching for ancestors and a place to showcase family documents, stories, photos and newly discovered facts.  Our co-ordinators – there are five of us – compile the information from the emails and letters we get throughout the year and bring together another CUB Report in late November.
We keep an e-mail list of persons who would like to be notified when the CUB REPORT is on-line.
We hope you enjoy our wee newsletter.

Index to THE CUB REPORTS 2001-2011

November 2001

* Introduction: Who are the McCubbins.
* What is a one-name study?
* McCubbin Family Association membership.
* The newsletter: The Cub Report.

November 2002

* News from Australia, including James McC and Elizabeth Lowry in Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia, Broken Hill; Convicts: Thomas McC b.Belfast, tried Ayrshire, transported 1835; Janet Riddell McC transported 1843.
* News from Scotland, including Lynne McCs family from Ayrshire and Lanarkshire to New Zealand and Canada.
* News from Canada, including the book Peter McC & Janet McKie Burns of Wigtownshire, Their Descendants & Ancestors by Lorna McC; early settler Robert McC from Galloway to Halifax in 1818, later in Chatham Twp, Ontario.
* USA: early settler John McC (John the Colonist) from Ayrshire, mid 1600s.
* CUB BITS, including extract from from Dumfries Jail Books & Bail Bond Registers, 1787 re William McC, Paternity Alimony; searchable database WW2.
* Queries and Help: Contact information.

October 2003

* McC acquisitions, incl personal research by Jim McC of Georgia, incl photos of his trip to Knockdolian Castle; Dave McC of Kansas sent a copy of Howard Griffith’s book. Both are descendants of John the Colonist.
* News from Australia, including hand written letter found in New Zealand dated January 1896, written from Liverpool by Alex McC (married to Anne Aitken of Ballantrae, Ayrshire, Scotland), son of David McC, born 1819 Ballantrae, Ayrshire, Scotland, his family and descendants.
* News from Canada and USA including information on Shaw McKibbin & Sarah Chapman of Ireland.
* News: Rob McCs book Son of the Storm published.
* How do you know? Sourcing and citing researched information.
* Queries and Help. Contact information.

October 2004

* McC Families of Dumfries, including John McC and Margaret Tait of Keir, #05; James McC & Mary McMurdo of Edgartoun, #31; John McC & Elizabeth ? of Dunscore/Kirkmahoe, #32; James McC & Isabella Lorimer of Penpont, #03; Robert McC & Margaret McNaught/McKnight of Dunscore, Dumfries & Troqueer, Kirkcudbright, #33; John McC & Jean McTurk of Glencairn, #34; James McC & Jane Nelson of Annan, #04; Early McCs from McCubbington and Glencairn.
* List of Pioneer Families of Australia and New Zealand, including links with Scottish families where known.
* More census records from Lynne McC of Ayrshire.
* American & Canadian McCs, including Lola Makubin (Machubin), b.1864, Annapolis; d.1909, Windsor, Nova Scotia and family; Reynolds McC, b.1884, Liverpool and descendants in Saskatchewan, Canada.
* CUB BITS, including extract from Dumfriesshire Kirk Sessions 1774 re Nickelus McC, found in bed with John Haliday.
* Queries, re New Orleans McCs.
* Acquisitions: McCubbins Family History by Howard Griffith and The Involvement of the McC Name in Scotland by Hershell McC; Thanks also to other contributors.

November 2005

* McC Families of Wigtownshire, including Hugh McC & Jean Aitken of Stranraer, #40; John McC & Elizabeth Beggs of Leswalt, #41; William McC & Janet Stewart of Kirkcolm to Leswalt, to Portpatrick, etc., #42; William McC & Margaret Stroyan of Kirkcowan, #50; Alexander Charles McC & Jean Smith of Ayr to Leswalt to Australia, #09; Thomas McC & Grizale Henderson of Ayr to New Luce, #43; Alexander McC & Agnes Weir of Kirkmaiden & Stoneykirk, #45.
* Is it McCubbin or McKibben?
* An Ayrshire – Ireland McCubbin, McKibben family.
* Hello from Lynne McC of Ayrshire.
* Early McC Families in the Dunscore, Dumfriesshire Area.
* The CUB Report 2005 from Australia: Alexander McC b.1794 and Ann (nee Aitken) of Dailly Ayrshire who emigrated to New Zealand/Australia.
* Some Notable & Adventurous McCs, including George Reynolds McC, b. 1898 Cape Town, South Africa D.S.O, eldest son of David Aitken McC and Lucy Clegg; Louis Frederick McC, O.B.E., b. 1890, Melbourne Australia, eldest son of Frederick McC and Annie Moriarty; Frederick McC 1855 – 1917 Australian artist; John Findlay son of Jane McC of New Zealand KCMG, b. Hokitika, New Zealand, third child of George Findlay and Jane McC Findlay; James Alexander McC, b.1852 Liverpool England, second son of Alexander McC and Ann McC nee McWilliam; McCubbin – McCubben – McCubbing ANZACS WW1 & WW2.
* American & Canadian McCs, including A McC in Alaska, U.S.A: John McC, d. 1898, Skagway Gold Rush Cemetery; A McC family in British Columbia, Canada – Thomas McC and Sarah Hazle (m. 1836 Maybole, Ayr).
* Queries. Calling descendants of John McC ‘McKibben’ and Margaret McWilliam, of Stoneykirk, #44; Thanks to contributors.

December 2006

* The McCs of Ayrshire (Part One), including Lord Fergus of Knockdolian; Daniel McC b.c. 1742 in Kirkoswald, married to Margaret McGhie and descendants.
* A McC Reunion in San Francisco: John McC, b.c. 1775 and Agnes Hodgeon, Maybole, Ayr (#62) – their descendants moved on to Glasgow, then to various parts of the world. A reunion was held in San Francisco in 1923 and another in February 2006.
* Bermuda – The Mystery of the Sundial.
* The McC Family of Penpont, Dumfriesshire, James McC and Isabel Lorimer, #03 and descendants.
* The Five Remarkable McC Sisters of Fayette County, Kentucky, descendants of James McC, b.1710 and Mary McMurdo of Edgartoun/Dunscore, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, #31.
* Australia – New Acquisitions, re File #02A Australia.
* Reynolds McC – A Canadian Pioneer, File #02.
* CUB BITS. Transcription errors from public records.
* Queries. Calling McCs with ancestral links to Welland or Grimsby Counties, Ontario, Canada.

November 2007

* Announcing the McC DNA Project.
* McC Families of Ayrshire, Scotland (Part Two), including Alexander McC & Jean/Joan Macilwraith of Ballantrae, #02; Alexander Charles McC & Jean Smith of Ayrshire and Wigtownshire, #09; Daniel McC & (1)Margaret McGhie (2)Margaret Eagleshom of Girvan, #06; James McC & Elizabeth Bowman of Maybole, #13; John McC & Elizabeth Arthur of Dalrymple, Coylton, #16; Robert McC & Elizabeth Lochiel of Kilmarnock, #22; Shaw McC & Sarah Chapman of County Down – Ireland, & Girvan, #55; Andrew McC & Margaret Warden of Maybole, #56; William McC & Annie Watson of Dundonald, Kilmarnock, #57; John McC & Elizabeth McIntyre of Maybole, Kirkoswald, #58; David McC & Margaret McKail of Kilmarnock, Auchinleck, Dundonald, #59; Thomas McC & Mary Blair of Irvine, #60; James McC & Jannet Millar of Dailly, Maybole, Girvan, #61; John McC & Agnes Hodgeon of Maybole, #62.
* The McC Family of Dunscore/Kirkmahoe, : James McC the Station Master (1840 – 1927) and descendants, #33.
* The McC family from Keir, Dumfriesshire, John McC (1835 – 1886) – An Emigrant to Australia and Descendants
* News from Canada: An Obituary, Doris McC Anderson 1921 – 2007
* A Clue about the Mystery of the Sundial, Bermuda.
* McC Pioneers of Mid West America: North Carolina to Kentucky, including the Family Record of James McC (1755-1824) And Polly Cook; Green County; Hart County; Hopkins County; Census records of Kentucky; Illinois; Missouri;
* Queries re descendants of Herbert V McC, b.1913, Hart Co, KY, son of George Thomas McC.
* CUB BITS McC place names.

November 2008

* The First Anniversary of the McC DNA Project.
* Ronald ‘Rick’ McC and his Amazing DNA Discovery.
* The Nicholas McC Boys – The evolution of the Nicholas name among the descendants of John the Colonist of Maryland.
* Bargany House, Ayrshire and the McC Family Connection.
* Wilhemina and the Master Mariner (and her son and six beautiful granddaughters), from Loveston, Ayrshire to New Zealand.
* Isabella McC’s son, the film star Wilfred Lawson.
* CUB BITS: Matthew McC (illegitimate son of Rev Andrew McC (1765-1852) of Leswalt) in Kirkmichael, siring a number of McCs out of wedlock, #46-56; Rob McCs new book Wings of Eagles; contact for shoulder patches with McC crest; The McC Crest; McC on Facebook.
* Queries. DNA donors sought; New Co-ordinator for ‘The American McCs – descendants of John the Colonist’, Rick McC; MCFHA committee.

November 2009

* The Second Anniversary of the McCubbin DNA Project
* The McCubbins and Centuries on the Sea – From early times to present day
* McCubbin Catholic Births recently posted on Scotlands People
* Deanside of Fayette, Kentucky and a McCubbing Descendant Reunion – includes early photos of the farm
* Chart change to #68 & #A09
* Queries. DNA donors sought. Query from individual, Malcolm McCubbin re his family

November 2010

Third Anniversary of the McCubbin DNA Project
The Conventicle
The Letter of 1859, from Australia to Scotland
Clydesdales, Shorthorns and the Art of Animal Husbandry
A note from Sheriff Rick McCubbin in Bardstown, Kentucky
Obit for Charles McCubbin, Naturalist and Artist of Australia

November 2011

The Launching of Our New Website
Fourth Anniversary of the McCubbin DNA Project
Jamaica and Guyana McCubbins
Obituary for Harold McCubbin, 99 yrs, of Jamaica
South American McCubbins
Remembering Our Military Heroes
Pictures from Australia
The Acting Ancestry of the Girvan McCubbins

November 2012

Fifth Anniversary of the McCubbin DNA Project
The Peruvian McCubbins (Part 2)
Shot at Dawn A Remembrance for Bertie McCubbin
Annie McCubbin and the Photo That Survived the Blitz
Two Brothers and How One Woman Became a Daughter in Law of Both
John McCubben, indicted for Mobbing and Rioting
The McCubbing Centenary Reunion in Australia

November 2013

Sixth Anniversary of the McCubbin DNA Project
The McKibbons of Merrickville, Ontario DNA Group 1
The McKibbens of Mississippi DNA Group 3
Joseph McKibben, 1710-1761, Ireland to Pennsylvania DNA Group 3
Thomas McKibbon, the Square Timber Man DNA Group 3
Hawaiian McCubbins and the Link With Peru DNA Group 3
William McCubbin and Janet Riddell and Family DNA Group 4
The Death Ship That Landed in Luce Bay
How John McCubbin Survived WW2 With the Help of Heroic Belgians
Frederick McCubbin Goes to London DNA Group 3
A Sad Discovery by Shepherd William McCubbin
Australian Brothers Jack and Reg McCubbin and Their Experiences in the Pacific Theatre in WW2 DNA Group 1
James McCubbin of Dunscore and His Canadian Descendants DNA Group 1
Obituary: Donald McCubbing, 1937-2013 DNA Group 1