7. John the Colonist

Following is the assumed third son of Fergus (1). In genealogical terms, it is a high probablity that this John was the colonist of America. Why he left Scotland it is not known. However, John would have been raised in the feuding area of Ayrshire. That, along with the beginnings of the ‘Killing Times’ and the Covenant, may have precipitated John to leave Scotland for America, either by choice or by circumstance. In any case records show that John the Colonist was living among the peace keeping Quakers in Maryland in 1662 when he refused to train with the militia.

(c) John MCCUBENE was born between 1633 and 1637; The naming pattern in the family was to give the next generation names of the last generation. John, would likely have been the son who had left for America and became known in further generations as John the Colonist.

The birthdate is an estimate based on the marriage date of his parents and the birth order of his elder brothers. John may have been born earlier.  Note This is not a documented source. It is based on research done by an early 20th century American descendant of John the Colonist. As well; the McCubbin Family History Association has found a high probablity of his relationship to the Knockdolian McCubbins.

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